Handcrafted With Love

Handcrafted With Love Artisanal bakery in Bali starts gaining its positionbecoming residents’ favorite to fulfill their need of daily breakfast or brunch. What makes artisan bread different? The taste, texture, aroma and appearance of artisan bread areso rustic. The loaves are made by hand using traditional method with basicingredients such as flour, water, salt and […]

Breakfast: Let the Egg comes first.

Breakfast: Let the Egg comes first.. With its commitment of boulangerie patisserie products and developing menus, Baker’s Corner Café Petitenget is more than happy to launch more and more Breakfast Menu to cater your need to feel fit and energetic in the morning. This first stand-alone cafe of Bali’s pioneer French Bakery – Baker’s Corner, […]

Before and After the Beach

Before and After the Beach Such a great time anyone can have at the beach in Bali, lazing on a long chair or directly on the hot sand what a treat! Everything can be found at the beach to ensure your comfort. Well almost everything… and to make your day really complete, how about a […]

Customers want Quick-Serve

Customers want Quick-Serve It is like they way we spend our time are changed including the how much time we will spare for enjoying our meal. The growth of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is aligned with human lifestyle nowadays, where people are more than ever attentive to their health, meaning it gives QSR a […]

Bali Is Just Amazing !

Bali is just amazing! So many breathtaking natural wonders to visit and people, culture nowhere else to be found in the world. The only thing you need before getting on your way at sunrise is a solid and enjoyable Breakfast, just to start on the right foot. At Baker’s Corner Cafe Petitenget, without ripping you […]