Handcrafted With Love

Artisanal bakery in Bali starts gaining its position
becoming residents’ favorite to fulfill their need of daily breakfast or brunch.

What makes artisan bread different?

The taste, texture, aroma and appearance of artisan bread are
so rustic. The loaves are made by hand using traditional method with basic
ingredients such as flour, water, salt and yeast and consist of lack chemical
one. Sourdough, as one of this truly artisan, by its nutrients, protein, fiber,
healthy carbs, is really good for better digestion, improve gut health and also
keep the blood sugars in a healthy range.

You can have perfect sandwiches with sourdough, or soup or
simply a scrumptious bruschetta.

Discover various types of artisan breads like sourdough, French baguette,
ciabatta, or pumpernickel bread and get the best crust, crumb and taste in
Baker’s Corner Café.