Customers want Quick-Serve

It is like they way we spend our time are changed including the how much time we will spare for enjoying our meal.

The growth of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is aligned with human lifestyle nowadays, where people are more than ever attentive to their health, meaning it gives QSR a great future in indulging new cocooning habits.

This kind of self-service concept is well-played by most of Bali’s convenient stores, like people can have coffee, sandwich, bakery or pasta, or any kind of meal-on-the-box which can be grabbed (some you can re-heat) and go in a minutes.

Opening this Saturday, Aug 27th, Pepi To Go starts to mark its position on this game by opening their very first outlet inside Pepito Express Tanjung Benoa.


So grab the meal Your way, Right away!