Breakfast: Let the Egg comes first..

With its commitment of boulangerie patisserie products and developing menus, Baker’s Corner Café Petitenget is more than happy to launch more and more Breakfast Menu to cater your need to feel fit and energetic in the morning.

This first stand-alone cafe of Bali’s pioneer French Bakery – Baker’s Corner, now serves Egg Variety in addition to the Healthy Breakfast, Smoothie Bowl and plenty choices of Croissants and Pastries. You can have a Complete Breakfast; consist of any kind of egg with sausage, bacon, toast, roasted tomato, baked bean, potatoes of the day and fresh salad. Or simply choose the Fried Egg, Mix of Omelette, Scramble Egg, Poached Egg and also Egg Benedict.

Open daily from 7AM to 7PM, Baker’s Corner Café Petitenget is the best choice toexperience the real Taste-of-Paris in Bali.